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Giving Volunteers Time Off for the Holidays

Updated: Apr 13

Bradenton, Florida


As the holiday season approaches, our nonprofit organization reflects on a significant milestone achieved in our mission for lifestyle recovery. We proudly announce that we have successfully implemented a program to provide our dedicated volunteers with well-deserved time off during the month of December.

This decision to give a full 30-day month off was founded by 1st Vice President, Dr. Miriam Whitfield, and marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to supporting both our volunteers and the communities we serve. Granting time off during the holidays is not just an accomplishment, but a fundamental aspect of our organization's ethos:

  1. End-of-Year Tasks and Reflection: December often signals the culmination of a year's worth of efforts and achievements. Our volunteers, like all individuals, need dedicated time to tie up loose ends, reflect on accomplishments, and set intentions for the upcoming year. Providing them with this opportunity provides a sense of closure and renewal.

  2. Enhancing Volunteer Satisfaction and Retention: Valuing our volunteers as integral members of our organization, we understand the importance of fostering a positive volunteer experience. By prioritizing their needs and offering flexibility, we strengthen their commitment and dedication to our cause, ultimately enhancing volunteer satisfaction and retention.

  3. Strategic Planning and Growth: Furthermore, by utilizing the month of December for strategic planning sessions, we position ourselves for future growth and impact. This time allows us to assess our progress, identify areas for improvement, and strategize innovative approaches to further our mission of lifestyle recovery.

Recognizing the importance of volunteers gives them time to spend creating family bonds, satisfy personal well-being, and fill them with opportunities for community engagement and generosity. We understand that the holiday season is a precious time for individuals to reconnect with loved ones, recharge, and foster relationships. By allowing our volunteers to , we prioritize their holistic wellness. Beyond personal obligations, the holiday season is By granting volunteers time off, we empower them to spend quality time with their families, while participating in acts of kindness and contributing to the festive spirit within their communities.

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