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Advocating for Senators to Promote Nutrition Funding Efforts

Tampa, Florida: Advocacy and Policy


Representation of the focus on nutritional healthcare research for trauma-informed care, particularly as it pertains to the general public and stress disorders is lacking. Therefore, advocating for increased attention and funding for these issues at both the state and federal levels is needed.

True Paleo Inc proposes outreach to your congressional representatives, both at the federal and state levels, to expressing the mutual concerns nutrition practitioners, researchers and other industry stakeholders have, while also advocate for policy change. Connecting with relevant advocacy organizations and experts in the field to build support for our cause can thereby enforce the lawmakers of our country to hear our concerns and undermined issues that should be addressed can finally be noticed. This can lead to reduced high-risk population numbers, increased medical nutrition therapy care, and more developed individuals leading productive lives.

Join our cause and let's start healing people today!

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