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At True Paleo Inc we believe in the power of nutrition science to transform lives. Our membership is open to any professional with an interest in supporting lifestyle recovery of those with trauma and stress through evidenced-based approaches encompassing nutritional and body-mind-spirit practices. 

Our Nutrition for Trauma Network: Resources for Professionals and Agencies 

We support practitioners, community leaders, staff or managers, counselors, social workers, lawyers, service providers, family members, and friends by providing innovative ways to connect with trauma and stressed clients. Students, instructors, researchers, advocates, WatchStanders, case workers, practitioners, program directors, emergency responders, and more can access information and resources to build stronger community support networks. Please use your personalized partnership code to access resources or register for a membership below. 


Inclusivity is Our Strength

We understand that our community is diverse, and we welcome individuals from all walks of life. Whether you're seeking free resources to enhance your knowledge as an individual professional or a career professional looking to expand your horizons, you belong here.


Join Our Nutrition Community Today

Ready to become a part of our nutrition for trauma network? Become a member now!

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