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At True Paleo Inc we believe in the power of nutrition science to transform lives. Becoming a member of our community allows you to be apart of a powerful network of individuals that have like-minded goals. We support all walks of life and we take charge by giving each member an opportunity to have access to resources and to collaborate on projects supporting lifestyle recovery.

Our Nutrition for Trauma Network: Resources for Professionals and Advocates 

Who does our organization support?


We support practitioners, community leaders, staff or managers, counselors, social workers, lawyers, service providers, students, instructors, researchers, advocates, WatchStanders, case workers, program directors, emergency responders, family members, and friends.

We strive to collaborate in such a way that our members feel connected with the outcomes of trauma and stressed clients. Even more, members can access information, tools, and resources to build stronger community support networks.  


Membership Qualifications

Membership is for experts only to gain access to professional tools, library of journal articles, research hub, and training. 


Join Our Nutrition Community Today

Ready to become a part of our nutrition for trauma network? Become a member now!

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