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Our Program

While peer support programs entail a diverse array of roles, the integration of nutrition and body-mind-spirit practices is notably lacking, highlighting a gap in current care paradigms. The “Discover Your Greatest Self” program emerged as a pioneering effort to integrate nutrition and body-mind-spirit therapies into peer recovery settings, addressing a critical gap in the effectiveness of conventional pharmaceutical-psychosocial interventions.

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Clinical Research

We perform research by collaborating with partners and the community to collect data that evidence on participant engagement and adherence to trauma-informed principles, identify strengths and areas for improvement to refine program components and enhance overall effectiveness, and identify key outcome measures.

Lifestyle Recovery

We educate and train those with lived  trauma on best alternative solutions (nutritional approaches and body-mind-spirit practices) to support lifestyle recovery.

Food Insecurity

We organize and provide Paleo-based nutrient-dense holiday dinners by providing fresh organic foods to support the health of individuals with trauma. These meals are a symbol of our commitment to ensuring that people in our community with trauma-induced lives engage with caring family members while eating nutrient-dense options. 

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