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Pumpkin Dish

Supporting Holiday Meals

Nutritional Food Insecurity

When exposed to trauma, these individuals often face food restriction, excessive exposure to alcohol, caffeine, and ultra-processed food options, and reduced food aid. As a result, trauma-induced neurological changes occur in the brain. As well, the increased risk of food insecurity and housing crisis situations that prevail in these populations amplifies financial limitations to nutrient-dense food options. Many people may resort to residential programs where their food is cooked and prepared for them, having no control over the selection of their dietary options.

The Supporting Holiday Meals program provides pre-prepared Paleo-based nutrient-dense holiday meals for residents or clients of our partnering organizations.

Which holidays do we support?

​We support Thanksgiving Day. Why? Because the first Thanksgiving is when Native Americans and English settlers came together to share a harvest feast in the collaborative spirit of sharing knowledge about cultivating and preparing natural, organic, nutrient-dense foods provided from the Earth.


As well, Thanksgiving is the largest and most widely celebrated American holiday with a link to indigenous (Paleo-based) practices and history. Its origins are traced back to the early 17th century. Learn more about the Thanksgiving holiday. 

What comes in each meal?

The Thanksgiving meal is traditionally advertised as a meal that presents excess amounts of carbohydrates with ultra-processed, refined, and domesticated dessert and side options, which was not the true menu at the time of the feast. Please read more on the first Thanksgivings meal options, here


The free Thanksgiving meal foods given away in our Supporting Holiday Meals program are:

  • Turkey

  • Pumpkin squash

  • Potatoes

  • Mustard greens

  • Butternut squash

  • Mushrooms and Garlic

Whichever is available:

  • Common beans, such as kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, navy beans, and others

  • Berries, such as wild berries, strawberries, or grapes

  • Corn


Download our "Friendsgiving Handbook" for free to learn how-to-cook" this Paleo meal. 

Program Related Guides

Our guides help you understand your recovery journey and implement it through Paleolithic practices.

Holiday Meal Cookbooks

Cooking Resources

Holiday Printables

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