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Apply Now to Volunteer!

Donate your TIME to help True Paleo Inc's mission!


We are always looking for qualified individuals to help promote our cause, vision, and mission, and invest in addressing some the world's most pressing nutritional challenges people experience when faced with trauma and stress. 


Individuals considered for these positions must submit an application, a professional resume, and identification for any such volunteer position posted. Please view positions, requirements, qualifications, and responsibilities below prior to submitting an application.

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What is Volunteering?

These are non-paid opportunities, as our non-profit is a volunteer-based organization and reports volunteer hours to governing bodies.

Research Volunteering

Research Volunteering is based on strict criteria and only select candidates may be selected for such prestigious positions. Our research team is aimed at facilitating research dedicated to our clinical research initiative interests.

Related Topics to Our Mission:​​

  • Nutrition and the Paleo Diet

  • Body-Mind-Spirit Practices

  • Neuro-Nutrition

  • Nutri-Theology

Related Diseases to Our Mission

  • Mental Disorders 

  • Endocrine Diseases


To view all ongoing or upcoming research project volunteer opportunities, please see our Research Guide page, and click on the Projects tab. This guide will help you assess which volunteer projects are open to volunteering needs, closed for peer review publication, or full. Other research opportunities involve clinical research for our membership guides and handouts, or executive positions. 

Apply Here Now!

The following positions make up the composition of True Paleo Inc.

Research Positions

  • Research Librarian

  • Research Analyst

  • Statistician

  • Editing Author

  • Handouts Journalist

  • IRB Non-Affiliate

  • Research Legislationist

Executive Positions

  • Public Relations Officer

  • Marketing Team (Officer and Outreach)

  • Administrative Team (Secretary and Admins)

  • Treasurer

  • Education Officer

  • VA Officer

  • Grants and Funding Officer

  • Research and Compliance Officer

Brand Ambassador

This role involves 4-6 hours per week conducting in-person outreach. The brand ambassador will be contacting and collaborate in with potential partnering organizations to tell them about our operations and programs. Must work closely with president 1-2x per month to perform leadership trainng and understand programs, initiatives, and directives, while fulfilling the requirements of this position. To be considered for this volunteer position you must be local in the Tampa Bay area, and apply at the application link located on this page.

Marketing Team

This role involves 1-4 hours per week in creating marketing campaigns, marketing business plans, key words search for pages and social media posts, marketing research, finding and working with student volunteers at universities, and finding other marketing businesses to fuel our marketing and advertising goals. To be considered for this position you must apply at the application link located on this page. Ensuring our marketing is consistent and proficient in providing community recognition, our target market is being reached, social media is reaching its fullest potential, improve google SEO, and reaching out to businesses to advertise our programs is utmost mission. Establishing connections with organizations and local community residents to create referrals and foster proactive partnerships. Prompt follow-up through phone and email is essential to confirm commitments. Position Duties are: Scheduling Posts according to business marketing plan Monitor social media page productivity and activity Develop Campaigns and creating biz plans Social Media Strategy Content Marketing Community Partnerships Advertising and Market Research Reaching out to universities SEO

Researcher Assistant

Current Research Assistant Position: Research Librarian General Duties: Finding research related to research topic and the free open access article or link to it. Locating open-access articles for download or viewing. Assessing bias for numerous study types. Proof reading or editing paper, if requested (puncuation, acronyms, grammar etc.). Putting articles in APA or AMA format, which ever is required. Reading and screening the article for relevant information and inclusivity. Extracting information. Locating publishers. Requirements: Must make hard deadlines or authorship will be automatically removed from project.  Research takes a considerable amount of time and therefore, project commitments are lengthy. In return, the volunteer may be listed as a contributor on the research article, listed as an author, or listed in the acknowledgements section when published. This can be added to profile, resume, or CV.

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