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CAGED-Free Eggs


When trauma lingers, individuals find themselves navigating a situation similar to walking on eggshells. They feel caged, unable to release the weight of their traumas.


Eggs are a powerful symbol for trauma. The yolks symbolize our emotional vulnerability, our inner self, and the personal experiences we carry throughout our journey. While, the shells represent the challenges we face, as we hold in the weight of these past experiences.​​


So, why CAGED? ​In our journey for healing and awareness, the CAGED acronym brings together the mere essence of our campaign: 'Choices Are our Greatest Emotional Deterrent.' Post trauma, we face an inevitable stress and thus begin to make poor decisions in the face of this vulnerability. We 'eggs' are so fragile, yet, so resilient. By making mindful and healthy choices, we break free from our emotional cages, embracing a path of healing, leading to liberation, and empowering us to transcend the constraints of trauma.

"Walking on Egg Shells"


The "Walking on Eggshells" challenge is a symbolic journey representing the strength and resilience required to overcome trauma.

If we crush the eggs, this represents difficulty, loss of resilience, and setbacks that we may face in our journey of healing from trauma, such as nutritional, emotional, or spiritual distress that hinder progress.

If the eggs stay in tact, this represents resilience, strength, self-awareness, and mindfulness; thus, the ability to navigate life's challenges without succumbing to the weight of past traumas. ​


Participants will navigate a path strewn with cage-free eggs, gradually increasing in number to signify the growth and empowerment achieved through body-mind-spirit practices.

Materials Needed:

  • Phone for video recording

  • Cage-free eggs (6 dozen for the initial challenge)

  • Open space to walk

  • A $1 plastic shower curtain 


Challenge Steps:

  1. Egg Placement:

    • Begin with the placement of the plastic shower curtain on a walkable surface.

    • Lay 6 dozen cage-free eggs, in their cartons, along a designated path. 

  2. Mindful Preparation and Video Set-Up:

    • Have a friend prepare to record you, ensuring they can see your entire body and walking path.

    • Take a moment of mindfulness before starting the challenge, focusing on your breath, and centering yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  3. Walk:

    • Start your journey by walking across the first 6 dozen eggs.

    • Strengthen your challenge by adding 2-4 more dozens.

  4. Use Your Voice:

    • At the end, if you've successfully walked on eggshells without breaking any eggs, yell, "nutrition for trauma!"​​

Post to True Paleo Inc Social Feed

When you are done, post your Campaign video the True Paleo Inc facebook business page located at to see your video in the feed on our website! Use the following hashtags and mention handles to support our mission campaign:

  • @True Paleo Inc

  • #TruePaleoInc 

  • #CagedFreeEggs

  • #NutritionForTrauma

  • #NutritionalTraumaInformedCare

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