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The Monster Inside of Me
  • The Monster Inside of Me

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    In a world of relentless challenges, Mystique finds herself entangled in a web of emotions and memories she yearns to escape. Scarred by past experiences and burdened by the weight of anger, fear, and shame, she constructs a fortress of emotional suppression to shield herself from a judgmental society. As she navigates the dimly lit corridors of her reality, laughter and applause echo, masking the unspoken battles within her.


    In "The Monster Inside of Me: Anger, Suppression," we journey alongside Mystique as she seeks to break free from the clutches of a lifestyle she never chose. As you progress through each chapter, you'll discover a powerful exploration of Mystique's emotional journey, intertwined with expert insights and actionable strategies. Part 1 unveils the roots of emotional turmoil, tracing the connection between physical and psychological trauma and the suppression of feelings. In Part 2, you'll witness the journey of emotional liberation, uncovering the transformative impact of emotional release and balanced nutrition. Part 3 transcends into the realm of spirit, revealing the profound link between inner alignment and nourishment.

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