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Setting Business 'Health' Goals for Organizational Success

Updated: Apr 13

Tampa, Florida


Our nonprofit organization proudly reflects on a significant achievement, the creation of a Theory of Change centered around lifestyle recovery through a nutritional lens, while utilizing January as a time to set "business health goals." Much like physical health goals for the body, these objectives serve as the foundation for our organization's growth and impact in the field of lifestyle recovery.

Our strategic approach to setting business health goals in January is not just an accomplishment, but a transformative step forward for our organization. January symbolizes a fresh start and a time for renewal, thereby allowing us to continue our strategic efforts from December. By dedicating this month to setting business health goals for the year, we ensure that our team is aligned with our organization's mission, vision, and strategic priorities.

Recognizing the diverse commitments and obligations that our team members juggle, we have implemented a structured approach to productivity. One our 1st Vice President, Dr. Miriam Whitfield takes charge of or Institutional Review Board and research initiatives, while our 2nd Vice. President, Dr.. Debbie Hutchinson, takes precedence over our community engagement objectives. Our dedicated Website Content Manager, Dr. Moon Twayana takes charge over administrative and website duties. By committing to two hours of work on projects daily, irrespective of other life obligations, such as real jobs, family time, and health, we maximize the impact of our volunteer hours. This disciplined approach allows us to achieve significant milestones while respecting the balance of our team members' lives.

In addition to project work, we prioritize continuous learning as an essential component of personal and professional development. By dedicating 30 minutes per day to learning activities, we empower our team members to expand their skills, knowledge, and perspectives.

Our emphasis on setting business health goals in January serves as a catalyst for effective time management and productivity throughout the year.

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