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New Release of Membership Option for Professionals

Updated: Apr 13

Tampa, Florida


We are thrilled to announce that True Paleo Inc has a new membership option for professionals, with which we hope to expand the training and accessibility of the practitioner resources for all professional fields.

We gladly offer our membership for an annual fee of $89, which includes access to various resources and tools that can be used by professionals to help their clients with various aspects of their lifestyle recovery journey. n

For nutritionists and dietitians our new and improved calories calculators created straight from the latest content of their academic books are superb. Our Calories calculator s features minimum and maximum daily calories; current, ideal, and adjusted body weight; and recommended water intake. So you don't have to do the work. We also have two protein calculators assessing intake and protein recommended amounts. Finally we also offer the BMI calculator for helping assess mass.All calculators come with associated charts: BMI and obesity level chart, waist to hip cardiovascular risk chart, waist to height cardiovascular risk shape-chart, height conversion chart, and activity level chart!

The professional member also includes a variety of nutrition for trauma fact sheets including how to use nutrition to assist people with managing stress and trauma, ways to eat Paleo, the Paleo diet by disease guides, and Paleo client handouts that save the time professionals just don't seem to have due to their busy schedules.

Our Goal: Help build a well-equipped community to work for nutrition, good health, and healing for individuals with extremely stressful lives or lived-trauma.

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